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The new X-technology from PrestigeItaly is a sign of the massive leap forward that some top European saddlemakers are making in the field of saddle development, in a concerted attempt to benefit the comfort of the horse and of the rider.  Prestige are to be congratulated on their brave new concepts in a particularly ‘traditional’ saddlery world. But cleverly the technology they are introducing seems to work with, rather than against, the traditional methods of the centuries old ‘English’ saddle design, and so improve the riding experience for the rider and their horse.  The 2 main features of the X Technology that Prestige have introduced is firstly giving the saddle a softer, more ergonomic seat, and secondly increasing rider contact with the horse by virtue of a thinner, composite and extremely lightweight panel.

The models now offered by Prestige with the X-Technology are: the stunning new X-Breath Jumping model, the X-Advanced Eventing model, plus the X-Paris, the X-Meredith, the X-Michel Robert Anniversary, the X-Helen Dressage and the D1 X-ZERO Dressage, most of which are featured below ….

X-Prestige Helen… is the latest development in Prestige’s stunning range of high quality dressage saddles. Developed with the German champion Helen Langehanenberg. This superb new model has a much deeper seat than with any other Prestige dressage saddle and it enables theX-Helen Prestige rider to “sit deep” in the seat but without hampering the horse’s movement. The X-technology, with its elastic membranes, gives extra comfort for the rider, making the seat very soft. The entire saddle design, with very thin and soft close-contact panels is intended to afford the utmost freedom of movement to the muscles of the horse’s trapezius, as well as the utmost comfort for the rider. All normal Prestige sizes and options are available on this model, and also available are 3 leather options… regular smooth leather, D calfskin covered finish, plus the very popular LUX leather, combining softness with extreme durability .

Now there is also a monoflap version of the X-Helen, which is extremely lightweight at just over 5kgs., and otherwise has the same features of the regular X-Helen, but the front block is externally mounted on the flap, giving incredibly close-contact for the rider.
The NEW Prestige X-Breath can only be described as a ‘stunning design’.

It’s most obvious feature is the large opening in the centre of the seat, which Prestige explain as … ” a ventilation function for better air circulation, so cooling both horse and rider” and also… ” a therapeutic function, in that the anatomically shaped hole relieves pressure on the coccyx.”

Prestige X-Breath jump saddleThere are also holes and apertures on the saddle flaps and underflaps, too, intended to make for greater lightness and for improved ventilation. The saddle also has Prestige’s new ultralight panels.

The X-Breath is the most ‘extreme’ of the otherwise traditional and high quality range of jumping saddles from Prestige Italy. Hopefully this saddle will become a ‘must have’ for the serious jump rider, as it seems to us that the ‘X-Breath’ has some very well-designed features, looks great too and deserves to be successful. If you can find a demo, do try it ….

Also just announced is the X version of their very popular Meredith model, which has been in the Prestige catalogue for a number of years and still remains a favourite with riders worldwide.

The NEW Prestige X Meredith is a fantastic addition to the Prestige X Meredith jump saddlePrestige saddle range, taking a brave step forward in saddle design to give the serious jump rider the ultimate in X-MEREDITH saddle, thanks to the new X-Technology, slots into the top of the league position given the performance it offers.

The saddle guarantees a higher degree of “close contact”, the effect of greater proximity between horse and rider, as well as improved comfort on account of its softer seat.

The above results are due to the use of elastic membranes with a special shock absorbing material applied to the tree in the area of the ischium.
The other focus of design attention is the panels. The conventional stuffed panels are replaced by new panels made of the same synthetic material, used as stuffing, and by a new honeycomb material that is highly elastic and takes over from felt and foamed material. The effect obtained is an appreciable reduction in the thickness of the panels. At the same time stability is retained as, too, the comfort felt by the horse along its back. All other technical features remain unchanged.

The NEW Prestige X Paris Prestige X Paris jumping saddleis a new addition to the recently updated Paris range of jumping saddles, retaining the flat seat and classic jumping saddle design for which the Paris has been famous for many years.

As well as great looks, the new X-Technology has been added to make a great saddle even greater, and gives the Paris rider a closer contact combined with extra comfort and fit.

The Prestige D1 X-ZERO is the first dressage saddle to have been givenPrestige D1 X Zero dressage saddle the X Technology. Prestige’s D1 range is widely regarded as one of the most advanced, and well designed dressage saddles in the ‘high end’ sector of saddles. After having been introduced as an additional model in the range with a narrower ‘twist’, the D1 ZERO has now become the default saddle in the range.

All leather types, plus monoflap version are now offered solely in the ZERO version. Now the D1 range has been extended with the release of a new model using the X-Technology, as detailed earlier in our feature. This model has only recently been introduced and added to the Prestige Price List, so we await some independent rider reviews before we can report on the popularity of the X-ZERO.