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Prestige Italia are cePrestige Paris D Jumping saddlertainly one of the world’s top saddle brands, and we have seen steady increase in requests for their fine range of jumping, dressage, endurance and all-purpose saddles in the last 10 years.

The Prestige Paris has for a long time been one of this renowned Italian Saddlemaker’s most classic jump saddles, and has been very popular in it’s original format for many years. However, recently the model has had some design improvements to suit the needs and preferences of the new rider, with the main alteration being the addition of more seat comfort for the rider. The Paris is constructed on their regular synthetic, and adjustable, saddle tree which has a Medium Deep seat.

Other models such as the Prestige Meredith and the Michel Robert Evolution have been subject to minor changes in the last year or two, but for the Paris the changes have given a completely new look to the saddle, giving it a really stunning personality, and look of pure quality.

The Prestige Paris is available in 2 variants … there is the regular double flap saddle, and also the Monoflap saddle, named the Paris K, which is especially suited to Event riders, by affording the rider excellent close contact with the horse by virtue of having less thickness of leatherPrestige Paris D blocks between the rider’s leg and the horse’s side. The K version is fully lined with calfskin, and has long billet straps to keep the buckles of the short girth away from under the rider’s leg.

The Paris model is offered in a basic printed leather version, but the most popular versions are the Paris D, which has double-oiled super calfskin for greater grip, or Prestige’s latest LUX premium leather, which offers the softness of calfskin combined with superior wear qualities.

The Paris comes with the latex filled panels for extra close contact and low maintenance, but the option of a flocked panel is available if desired. Also there is the option of Prestige’s SF Concept panels, which are shaped to allow the horse’s shoulder to move with extra freedom.

There are various other options such as small or medium jumping blocks, choices of flap depth and projection, and Prestige’s normal selection of seat sizes from 16″ to 18″, plus width fittings from 28cms. to 37cms.

We expect the newly updated Prestige Paris D and Prestige Paris LUX to grow in demand during 2013, and to be one of PrestigeItalia’s top sellers.

TheTackGuide receives regular inquiries about Prestige jumping saddles, especially the NEW Paris D model, and we try to point buyers to the best Prestige Dealers who offer the best availability and export deals to buyers worldwide.

JUST RELEASED ! The new Prestige X-Paris which has a new design of close-contact panel plus flexible inserts in the seat of the saddletree to provide more comfort for the rider, plus a closer contact and the feel of a deeper seat for the rider. Email us if you would like further information about this saddle. We can find you some great export prices for the top brands, from leading European Saddlery Stores who specialise in saddle sales worldwide.