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TheTackGuide will try to find you the current best price and availability for all new Prestige jumping and dressage saddles !

The Prestige company, founded in 1974, is situated in Northern Italy, and is now one of the world’s largest and most successful saddlemakers, offering a vast range of dressage, jumping, endurance and all purpose saddles. The business was started through the innovation of the Stocchetti-Rasia family and their passion for horse riding and everything to do with it. Particular importance was laid on the morphological features of the different equine breed and on the needs of riders for comfort and balance.

Over the time the business acquired greater technical knowledge as from Germany, England and Switzerland, it assimilated their longlasting traditions in saddle-making. In the last 10 years the company has known a great expansion and because of the international influence and use of the products, Prestige will now become Prestige Italia. A name which is rapidly growing in popularity worldwide for its quality and product range.


An exciting new range of saddles offering lightness and ‘breathability’for the horse and rider. A stunning ‘eye-catching’ saddle, built to Prestige’s high quality of manufacture and design. Well worth looking at, and trying one if you can get a demo.  Available in various leather types, with the usual superb quality finish. A real saddle to turn heads at any dressage events !

A remarkable new dressage model from Prestige Italy, at an unbelievable price. The Passion K is a monoflap saddle, thus allowing closer contact with the horse, Prestige Passion kand has a medium deep seat with medium to large leg blocks mounted on the flap. Choice of latex filled panel, or flocked panel. Check our ‘Saddle Prices’ webpage to find the latest fantastic price we can find for you, from leading Prestige Dealers in Europe.

The X-Prestige Helen saddle is a truly high-quality dressage model, developed by PrestigeItaly for the German champion Helen Langehanenberg.
This new model has a much deeper seat than with any other Prestige dressage saddle and it enables theX-Helen Prestige rider to “sit deep” in the seat but without hampering the horse’s movement. The X-technology, with its elastic membranes, gives extra comfort for the rider, making the seat very soft. The entire saddle design, with very thin and soft close-contact panels is intended to afford the utmost freedom of movement to the muscles of the horse’s trapezius, as well as the utmost comfort for the rider.

All normal Prestige sizes and options are available on this model, and also available are 3 leather options… regular smooth leather, D calfskin covered finish, plus the very popular LUX leather, combining softness with extreme durability.

Now there is also a monoflap version of the X-Helen, which is extremely lightweight at just over 5kgs., and otherwise has the same features of the regular X-Helen, but the front block is externally mounted on the flap, giving incredibly close-contact for the rider.

We are very enthousiastic about this great new range of dressage saddles, all based on the D1 principle of saddlefitting, coupled with top quality manufacture and top quality leathers. The Prestige D1 X-Zerobasic D1 is a remarkably good design, already being used by top riders across Europe. The D1’K’ version is built as a monoflap, for extra close contact. The D1 ‘D’ version is finished in top quality double-oiled calfskin leather, the LUX versions feature Prestige’s new Premium leather combining strength with hard-wearing qualities, and the latest ZERO version featuring a saddletree modified to offer a ‘Narrow Twist’ so as to benefit the petite rider, and riders who demand extra close contact with the leg.

The new PRESTIGE D1-X Zero which offers closer contact for the rider, plus additional seat comfort. One of several top Prestige models which have the new X-Technology design. Read about this on our Prestige X Tech… features webpage. The X-D2 range has a much deeper and broader seat, and is a great addition to the range of one of the world’s greatest saddlemakers.

This beautiful looking dressage saddle has velcro fixed blocks front and rear to facilitate leg position adjustment, and also has a flocked panel with latex front inserts to give freedom for the withers and shoulder. Also available in ‘D’ and ‘LUX’ versions.

Another top-end dressage saddle, with extra-deep seat and large blocks to the outside of the saddleflap. Designed with the help of Laura Conz, the Italian International dressage rider to put the rider immediately in the correct position. Also available in ‘D’ and ‘LUX’ versions.

The latest 2012 version of the ever-popular Optimax still has the extra-deep seat, but Prestige Optimax Dressagehas a different flap design with ornate padding and fully padded skirts for rider comfort. Also the panel is no longer ‘integrated’ with the underflap, and is generally of a flatter and shorter design than the previous model. Fully calfskin lined. Also available in ‘LUX’ version.

A real close-contact single-flap dressage saddle offering the ultimate in rider closeness. Now a stunning lookingPrestige Venus K Dressage saddle saddle with ornate panelling to the outside of the flap, and choice of large or medium leg blocks. Ideal for the short-backed and muscular horse. 4 models available.

Another new version of an ‘old favourite’. Now no longer having the integrated panel, but with a flatter and shorter panel design. Extra deep seat, and front girth straps fixed high on the panel. Smooth calfskin covering seats, skirts and kneerolls, with smooth leather flaps.

One of Prestige’s oldest models, great value for money and now available in 2 versions. The Top SP has a simple deep-seat design, best suited to thin horses with a low croup, and the Top KK version which features a panel design suited to shorter and more muscular horses. An excellent saddle at a great price.

A simple, basic deep-seated dressage saddle, built to Prestige’s super quality, but at a bargain price.  Highly recommended for riders on a tight budget who desire a top quality, European made, dressage saddle.

A soft deep seated saddle with large applied front blocks. Calfskin seat and kneepads. Another ‘bargain price’ model with great quality. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
A model designed specifically for the keen young dressage rider, only available in 16″ seat.  Velcro blocks so the rider can tailor their leg position, flocked panel for ease of adjustment, an extra-deep seat and padded skirts make this a great saddle to start off the junior rider, hopefully helping the to greater heights.

A new model specifically designed for the Baroque style, Andalusian and Lusitano horses.  Extremely elegant, with the panesl designed to allow freedom for the horse’s wither and shoulders.  Short panel for these shorter backed, more muscular breeds. A fascinating design, which has attributes from the D1 range of saddles.


An interesting name, and a new dressage saddle based on “an in-depth study of equine conformation combined with research into human anatomy” …and so providing ultimate seat comfort for the rider.  The seat of this saddle has been quoted as being ‘extraordinarily comfortable’ … so try one!  Also NEW is the Prestige X-Contact, built to the same spec of the X-Perience, with even more close-contact from the seat.

The X-Advanced is a brand-new jumping saddle from Prestige, and is a monoflap saddle designed specifically for cross-country riding. Prestige X-Advanced A reasonably flat seat with squared-off cantle gives the rider freedom in the saddle, and has a narrow twist with external blocks front and rear.

Prestige’s fabulous X-technology has been applied to this new model, giving the maximum comfort for both horse and rider, with some extra decorative designs in damask leather giiving this stunning new saddle a really individual character. The X-Advanced is available either in D calfskin leather or their fabulous LUX leather. Normal Prestige sizes for the seat, the flaps and the tree width apply to this model.

The NEW Prestige X-Breath can only be described as a ‘stunning new design’, eye-catching but also highly developed to help horse and rider.
It’s most obvious feature is the large opening in the centre of the seat, which Prestige explain as … ” a ventilation function for better air circulation, so cooling both horse and rider” and also… ” a therapeutic function, in that the anatomically shaped hole relieves pressure on the coccyx.”

Prestige X-BreathThere are also holes and apertures on the saddle flaps and underflaps, too, intended to make for greater lightness and for improved ventilation. The saddle also has Prestige’s new ultralight panels.

The X-Breath is the most ‘extreme’ of the otherwise traditional and high quality range of jumping saddles from Prestige Italy. Hopefully this saddle will become a ‘must have’ for the serious jump rider, as it seems to us that the ‘X-Breath’ has some very well-designed features, looks great too and deserves to be successful. If you can find a demo, do try it ….

The X-technology is now being applied to other models in the Prestige range, which seems to confirm the company’s confidence in their latest development, and will confirm their status as one of the world’s ‘top quality saddle’ manufacturers.Now a K monoflap version of the X-Breath is also available.

A stunning new Prestige jumping saddle offered at a fantastic price. Already in great demand worldwide. Beautifully ornate calfskin finish, this jumping saddle has a Medium deep seat, and medium blocks front and back . APrestige Passion D stunning looking saddle for the serious rider on a budget. The price deal for the new Prestige Passion D which we can currently find you for this model is a real bargain…. top quality at a very reasonable price. Email us for the cost from Europe to your country. Saddles supplied from top European Saddlery Stores. Contact us for details.

Probably one of the most important and interesting innovations in saddle design in the past decade. A saddle which is built on 2 saddle trees, for horse and for rider. Prestige claim that the principle of the sytem is to allow the rider to get more forward, but allowing the horse to have unrestricted shoulder movement, with the extra benefit of an inbuilt shock absorber to lessen the impact of the rider’s weight on the horse’s back when landing from a jump. A very interesting concept, and we shall see if it gains a following.
Probably our most requested Prestige jumping model, especially in the ‘D’ version. Prestige Meredith D jumping saddleA beautiful looking saddle, developed with design assistance from Meredith Michaels Beerbaum. Typical flat jumping seat, with small knee blocks, and available with choice of flap sizes, and Shoulder-Free panel option. Also available in ‘D’ calfskin and ‘LUX’ versions. Also now available… The NEW Prestige X-Meredith. Read about this new technology on our Prestige X Tech webpage.

A nice simple design with a narrower waist, small blocks, and with latex panel and choice of several flap sizes. Shoulder-Free option is available too. The regular model has printed leather flaps, but a ‘D’ calfskin version is available, as well as the popular LUX in Premium leather, in a choice of colours.
This model is for the rider who prefers their saddles to be flocked, rather than the solid latex foam panels, thus allowing for flockingPrestige Arezzo D jump saddle adjustment to different horses, or for change of condition. The tree is of medium depth, and blocks are medium sized. Some interesting design features are featured to the cantle and flaps, giving the saddle a personality of it’s own. Fully calfskin lined, and also available in LUX leather version.

A single-flap saddle lined entirely with calfskin, thus proving an extremely close contact between horse and rider. Latex filled panels means the lightness of this saddle has endeared itself to event riders wordwide. Available in Shoulder-Free format, and with the usual choice of flap sizes.
We have found this long established model to be a real favourite with riders worldwide, and we regularly receive requests for us to New Prestige Paris Dfind the latest best deal for new ones. Medium deep seat, with small blocks standard, and made with latex foam-filled panels with flocked panel being an option ‘to order’. Available as a calfskin lined ‘D’ model and also LUX, with the Shoulder-Free option also offered. HIGHLY RECOMMENDEDLATEST NEWS!…the new Prestige X-Paris model has just been released. This has a new tree with extra rider seat comfort, with elasticated tree inserts, plus a closer contact panel. Email us for further information

A saddle which does what it says really well….a true eventing saddle, with small and adjustable blocks, medium deep seat, and a very close contact panel, latex filled. This saddles is available in printed leather, smooth leather and in a calfskin-lined ‘D’ version…plus also the superb LUX option with new premium leather.
A true jumping saddle, with flat seat, square cantle, latex panels, small jumping blocks and a narrow ‘twist’ to the saddletree. The saddle comes in the ‘D’ version with all calfskin covered flaps, skirts It is available also with the Shoulder Free option. Flap size options also available, although we find that the +2cms option suits most riders.
A mainstay of the Prestige range, but offers straightforward value for money, offering a saddle of medium depth, with large front blocks and a flocked panel for ease of fitting adjustment.  Easily recognised by the white ‘flash’ on the cantle! Fantastic value for money.  A slightly more expensive ‘D’ version, calfskin covered, is also available.

A reasonably modern addition to the range, and proving very popular wih riders looking for a top quality jumping saddle at a very reasonable price.  Medium deep seat providing a narrower twist for rider comfort.  Finished in regular printed leather, but a ‘D’ calfskin covered model is also avalable. Great value. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

This new addiition to the Prestige range offers new riders a really good looking saddle, with flocked panel, medium-deep seat, an extra soft seat and a narrow twist. All features which Prestige Roma Jumpwill appeal to young saddle buyers, at a really low price. Seat and kneepads are calfskin lined for comfort and style. Also available as a VSD saddle, with a straighter flap.

Priced even lower than the Roma, this saddle offers stunning value from Prestige, although being a basic model it still offers a medium-deep seat, narrow twist, and front blocks fitted on the flaps. Latex panel. Manufactured in printed leather, with the option of smooth leather. The ideal begiinner’s saddle.
A nice all purpose saddle, with a bias towards jumping. Deep seat, round cantle, large kneeblocks. Available with a flocked panel, providing easy adjustment for different horses.  A VSD version, biased towards a straighter leg position, is also available.

Designed for the young rider.  Flocked panels with stitched gussets at the rear make for a saddle which is extremely versatile in fit. A soft, medium-deep seat, plus adjustable blocks front and rear. V-system girth straps to allow for many types of horse and pony to be comfortably fitted.  Available in 16″ seat only.

Again a saddle designed for the young rider, this time with a latex panel, ‘sticky’ covering to the seat and to kneepads for grip, and a deep seat with narrow twist to make the child feel very secure. Available in 15″ only.  Extra small size also now available.