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Passier products of today are the result of more than 125 years of experience. A lot has changed since the founding of G. Passier & Sohn. Especially in riding. Nonetheless, Passier saddles, bridles, and accessories are still around. And that’s a good sign. Because it is proof that quality combined with tradition succeeds. Quality is Everything. For anyone who places value on top quality, Passier products are a wise choice. Because all Passier saddles, bridles, saddle leathers, stirrup leathers, etc. are handmade. They have been since 1867 – from the highest quality materials from selected suppliers.


This is an updated and evolution of one of Passier’s best known and popular dressage saddles, still built on the famous and traditional PS saddletree. The Optimum II features large pre-formed front blocks, a narrower twist (now a very popular feature, according to our many dressage saddle buyers) The seat and kneepads are calfskin, and the flaps covered in calfskin. Also with thicker thigh supports and the Passier Freedom panels “excellently suited to horses with wide, or particularly sensitive withers”

The new Freedom Dynamic dressage saddle is a true ‘retro’ design, offering a flat seat and pencil thin kneerolls, rather than the latest trend of a deep-seat and large kneeblock. The tree and panel design allows maximum movement for the horse, and the adjustable gullet plate allows various fittings to be achieved.  Already a saddle in demand….only available ‘to order’ at the moment, but we can find you the best delivery times

the Sirius is Passier’s latest model and is rapidly becoming popular with serious dressage riders in many countries. The new ‘frt-system’ tree guarantees that the horse’s shoulder can rotate freely. A deep seat, Freedom panels and velcro adjustable leg blocks complete the picture of a great new saddle.  Please watch the stunning video showcase on Youtube:

A long-lasting classic of design simplicity with German quality, the GrandGilbert now has slightly larger thigh blocks, Freedom panels and a deep seat, but still retains the classic look of the original model. Available in a wide range of leathers, and built on the famous Passier PS wooden saddle tree, so quality and strength guaranteed.

A reasonably new model to the Passier range, designed to suit the short-backed horse, with a short panel but with generous seat sizes for the rider. This particular design of saddle is more and more popular, as the short-backed breeds seem to be very popular.

Another of Passier’s older models, with a broad panel and narrow twist. The PS saddletree has a deep cut-back head, so is suited to the high withered horse.

The Corona saddles are built on the strong, light and adjustable synthetic saddle tree, with a comfortably soft and deep seat, Freedom panels with a wide channel.  The Coorona II differs by having pre-formed knee inserts and flaps and skirts covered in calfskin.

A high quality saddle, built on the traditional PS saddletree with the soft, deep seat plus pre-formed knee inserts and Freedom panels.  The LV version has extra-long more forward flaps, and the WS version is ideal for the rider with short legs.

A saddle designed by Anja Beran the Classical dressage trainer. Luxuriously finished with calfskin all over, and having a innovative girthing system to provide a very even pressure to the horse’s back.

A unique design, with several features designed by a top French Trainer.  Flat seat and pencil kneerolls on a design to give the horse maximum freedom to work.

This model is built on the synthetic saddletree, with a deep seat and fine design to suit the modern types of horse. Nicely finished to Passier’s high standards of workmanship and materials.

Another similar model, built on the synthetic saddletree with deep seat and deep cut-back. A nice saddle but with no special features.

A saddle designed on the synthetic saddletree but with a half-deep seat, wide channel, deep gussets, well finished with calfskin panels, seat and kneepads.


An entirely new saddle designed to give more security for jumpers. Main features of this model are a much softer seat, thicker knee and calf blocks, plus sticky calfskin on the skirts and flaps. Passier’s superb Freedom Panels are also added. The design is still of a classic jumping saddle with flat seat and square cantle, but with the luxury of calfskin covered flaps and skirts, and decoratively stitched seams to add quality to the look of an already superb ‘high end’ saddle.

A beautifully designed French-style jump saddle, built on the synthetic tree and finished with pre-oiled high quality leather for flaps and skirts, with calfskin for the seat, kneepads and panels. Triangular knee blcoks and calf blocks, deep cut-back tree to cope with high withered horses. Available in a range of colours and sizes.  Real quality at a great price.

A quality jumping saddle built on the traditional PS wooden saddletree with its  broader and softer seat.  Square cantle and flat jumping seat, plus large wide panel for maximum contact.

Another top prestigious jumping saddle with very flat seat, broad panels and the extra deep cut-back head of the PS saddletree. Wide range of colours in very high quality leathers for this model.

Designed for the keen competitor, a modern jumping saddle built on Passier’s excellent synthetic saddletree with a wide channel. Flat soft seat with square cantle and choice of kneerolls or knee and calf blocks to suit rider preference.

A classical style saddle, with deep seat and round cantle, more along the lines of an All-Purpose saddle, but with a choice of knee blocks or kneerolls.

One of Passier’s oldest models, the PSL could be best descibed as an All-Purpose/Jumping saddle, with its deep seat and broad flocked panel. Various block options available.

A saddle designed for the younger rider, with a secure and comfortable seat and with pre-formed knee inserts and blocks for rider security. A really good looking saddle at an excellent price from our Dealers.