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TheTackGuide will find you the current best price and availability for all new KN dressage saddles and jumping saddles, offered direct from top European Saddlery Stores who specialise in export sales…. our ‘saddle finding’ services are free of charge to buyers ! … you can read some testimonials about us here.

Claiming a 300 year history in the horse world, the Karl Niedersuess family, based in Nothern Austria, has always handcrafted innovative riding and carriage driving leatherwork to a very high standard. Demand for their superb saddle products is currently very strong in many countries where riders demand the best in European quality. Their traditional dressage saddles seem to be especially popular at this time, especially the Ouverture Victoria and the Symphonie. Contact us if you would like more information about the various models.


The most popular KN model at the moment.  A deep seated saddle with large high front blocks, and a narrow twist.   A very popular modern style of dressage saddle, in demand from discerning riders worldwide

A classic model with deep and soft padded seat, and medium large leg blocks. Offered with a wide range of options.

A long standing KN model of simple classic design. Medium sized leg blocks, wide gullet, medium deep seat and built on the famous KN polyurethane saddle tree. A really nice, un-complicated, quality dressage saddle… world famous

Another simple, classic design, featuring 3 point billet straps. Medium deep seat and medium size leg blocks.

The KN Walzer Dressage is an interesting design of saddle, with deep seat and aimed at the discerning dressage rider. Choice of several options of width, colour and wedge adjustments for the panel.  A top class dressage saddle.


A classic design of deep-seat jumping saddle with forward-cut flaps, slightly extended knee pads and 2 wedge sizes to lift the rear panel. Medium size, but generous, jumping blocks are fitted to the underflap. This model is available in a selection of colours

A simple design aimed at the novice rider, with a deep, comfortable seat shape, quite large knee and calf blocks fitted to the underflap. Stylish stitched kneepads, designed to mould easliy to the rider’s knee.  2 weodge sizes offered, so as to allow custom fitting to particular horse types.

A uniquely shaped, squared-off flap denotes the individuality of this superb jump/race saddle. However, a flat seat and small knee and calf blocks on the saddle underflap, are typical of the classic close-contact jumping saddle design. Beautifully made in the KN tradition.  A saddle to be proud to show off on.

This single-flap version of the regular monoflap, mirrors the traditional ‘military style’ eventing saddle, with medium sized jumping blocks fitted to the exterior flap. Dark brown, light brown and black are the colour options, and long girth/billet straps are fitted, so allowing minimum incursion of buckles under the rider’s knee… so a short girth must be used.

One of KN’s longest standing jumping models. This is a jumping saddle with a flattish seat and is built on KN’s superb synthetic saddle tree. Maybe not as flat seated and close contact as the French-style jumping saddles, but a very high quality saddle, with small knee and calf blocks.