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“150 years of Craftsmanship, Tradition and Progress” The Kieffer saddlery company is situated in Munich, Germany and is now one of the world’s largest and most successful saddlemakers. Kieffer saddles have been renowned for their quality and for their superb broad range of saddles for all disciplines in Europe for many years. Now their reputation has grown worldwide, to the point where Kieffer saddles are used in all countries of the world where ‘English’ riding is popular. Their wide range of the latest adjustable dressage saddles are in great demand, and we can thoroughly recommend them for most types of horse


A great looking new model, with deep seat and large kneepads fitted to the outside of the flap. Saddle available with option of a ‘drop panel’. Cantle badge which can be engraved. V-girthing system, with long billets.  A really super looking saddle, with soft seat design. Ema Available in all black or combination Brown-Black. Email us for latest prices and best delivery times for custom-made.

A beautifully simple design which has been the mainstay of the Kieffer dressage range for many years. Medium deep seat and flat knee pads, encourage a classic position for the rider. This saddle is built on Kieffer’s standard AT saddle tree, adjustable for width.

Another old favourite of the range, a very similar design to the Wien, with fairly flat kneerolls fitted on the outside of the flaps. Based on the ‘standard’ tree, with the deep seat tree being an option.

Models designed with the cooperation of top rider Ulla Salzgeber. Models are built on AT tree or on the Deep tree, and have high leg blocks on the panel with flaps cupped over them.

One of our most requested dressage saddles. Based on the original Lusitano model which was designed for the Iberian breed. Flat, high kneepads and a deep seat. An elegant saddle, nicely presented with stitched flaps. Deep cutback head suits a well-withered horse.

A beautiful looking saddle, with heavy, dominant kneerolls… based on the half-deep tree, and designed for high dressage allowing great freedom for the horse’s shoulders.

A derivation of the Ulla Salzgeber range, with deep seat (AT tree is an option) and large knee blocks, cupped over by soft calfskin. Excellent contemporary dressage saddle design.

Another saddle from Ulla’s range, this time it’s a monoflap dressage saddle, finished in very soft luxurious leather and available in a stunning 2-tone colour scheme. The Monoflap design allows the rider to get their legs as close as possible to the horse.

A simple design saddle but with a half-panel, allowing the rider’s thigh to get a really close contact. Also well suited to the horse with a pronounced wither. Fully adjustable tree, as with all Kieffer saddles.

A dressage saddle built with rider comfort in mind. Very soft seat leathers, with matching soft leather skirts and decorative stitching, results in a stunning looking saddle, built on the AT saddletree, so not too deep.  Similar to the Kieffer Melbourne (for Australian buyers) and based on the superb Exclusiv saddle tree.

A nice compact saddle, designed with a shorter than usual panel to be suited to horses with short backs. Soft leather seat and skirts, plus moveable V-girthing. Some nice 2-tone colourways available, as well as plain all black.

A saddle again designed with a shorter panel to suit Haflinger, Cob/Thoroughbred and Warmblood horses. Nice wide gullet so the saddletree can be widened to fit these breeds. AT tree and medium-high knee rolls.

One of the latest premier models, primarily designed for its looks and comfort, and offering several options of high quality leathers and colour schemes. All models have the superb Exclusiv saddletree with Medico seat, for great rider comfort.

Is another very modern and luxurious looking design, similar in style to the Ulla, sharing the added benefit of a wither gusset, allowing the saddle to be closely flocked to suit horses with a prominent wither area. Finished in beautifully soft leather with the option of a stunning black/brown colour scheme. A MODEL IN VERY HIGH DEMAND WORLDWIDE.

A new model in 2011, available in ‘deep’ or ‘half deep’ tree options, and with all the normal great Kieffer features including Eclusiv/Medico, plus high kneerolls set on the saddle flap, and soft padded skirts. PLUS A NEW FEATURE allowing the saddle fitter to change and fix the position and angle for each girth strap, so as to give the optimum fit…. an invaluable option for the broad-backed horse who needs a wide fitting saddle.

Another new model in the range. A superb looking saddle, with an eye catching flap design with ornate stitching to the the knee pads and main flap. Deep seat with flat kneerolls fixed under the saddle flap. All usual Kieffer benefits, plus the option of extra soft leather covering to the flaps and skirts. Cantle badge which has space for engraving… a real ‘touch of class’. Fully adjustable saddletree, as with all current Kieffer saddles. A really comfortable and ‘stunning looking’ saddle.


A real ‘eye-catcher’ saddle, beautifully designed, with ornate coloured stitching on the seat seams, cantle and flaps.  Moveable velcro knee pads to the front, plus fixed blocks to the rear, plus the option of 2 heights for the rear of the panel to suit various types of horse.  Available in all sizes, and is offered finished in regular smooth leather, or soft doubled leather. A FABULOUS LOOKING SADDLE FOR THE SERIOUS YOUNG COMPETITOR

A very established model in the range, currently undergoing a surge in popularity in world markets. The combination of high knee blocks, with the soft saddle flap cupped over them, plus a deep seat design for a jumping saddle, this gives greater security for the rider than the normal flat seat jump saddle. Designed with help from Norbert Koof, a top International rider.

A jumping saddle for the more ambitious rider’ say Kieffer. Again with help from Norbert Koof, this model has the flatter seat with square cantle, plus the versatile feature of removable knee blocks.   A saddle well suited to the serious showjumping rider. A top seller.

A reasonably new model in the jumping range. Designed for the serious jump rider, with flat seat tree plus options on the position of the leg blocks. The luxurious soft leather-covered flaps allow the rider to get close to the horse, and the flaps can be specified in a ‘Forward’ option of 2cms. Extra. A wide range of leather and colour combinations make this saddle a very desirable addition to the tackroom. This model built on the 3000 saddletree, which has less cut-back but a high pommel, well suited to the horse with a prominent wither.

Another relatively recent addition to the range, again built on the 3000 tree, like the ‘London’. Small removable leg rolls, intereting range of colours including Tabacco Brown, plus the option of extra-forward flaps. This model also available in Kieffer’s Size0, which is approximately a 16” seat size.

A great model introduced by Kieffer in 2010. Built for good looks, with a vast range of single and dual-colour leather options, with coloured stitching, plus fine decorative stitching to the flaps. Built on Kieffer’s flat-seat saddle tree, and with removable leg blocks. A really stunning looking saddle, with all the benefits of other Kieffer models.

Another new model in 2011, this is a development of the Koof AT model with the new ‘Vario’ design allowing the leg blocks to be positioned to the rider’s requirement, suited to their height and leg length. A great option allowing great versatility for the saddle. Built on Kieffers standard adjustable saddle with Exclusiv option. Single and double colour leather options.


An entirely new model, similar to the Jump Vario, with large high kneeblocks front and rear, Kieffer’s very popular AT seat, and with the optional drop-panel cut, to suit specific horse conformations. Finished in a variety of double-colour schemes, plus all-black leather. All sizes offered.

Kieffer‘s most popular All Purpose saddle, suited to general riding, showjumping, trail riding. Built on the ever popular AT saddle tree shape, with removable leg blocks to suit individual rider’s taste. Flockable front gusset, suiting horses with a slightly ‘concave’ wither shape. The Garmisch has been a top seller for many years, and the Evolution model just improves slightly on a tried and tested product.

Kieffer‘s all purose version of the Amsterdam dressage model, built on the 3000 saddltree, and designed to particularly suit Haflingers or the Cob/Thoroughbred and Full/Warmblood horses with a short back. Extra short panel, soft padded skirts, medium-high kneerolls under the flaps.

A real mainstay of the Kieffer range being one of Kieffer’s first models. A great ‘starter’ saddle for young riders wanting a saddle with which to tackle all the main disciplines… jumping, dressage and cross country riding. Medium kneerolls, and built on the great standard AT saddle tree. Everlasting quality. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Kieffer’s great value saddle finished in ‘grained’ leather rather than Kieffer’s normal smooth leather. An easy-to-care-for saddle with soft seat and medium high kneerolls. Unbeatable simplicity, and an excellent design at a really low price, but still with Kieffer quality. Available in 3 seat sizes.

A well established model, but maintaining its popularity by its modern design, with soft leather covered flaps and medium-high knee rolls. Interesting colour schemes make this saddle a very popular model. Built on the 3000 saddletree, with full adjustment.