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Euroriding Saddle reviews

The superb Euroriding Titan II dressage saddle has become a ‘classic’ in the world of dressage riding since it was introduced some years ago. A very traditionally made saddle which is hand-made (the old way) in one of England’s oldest and most respected saddlemakers. We have seen this saddle in production, and were suprised at the care and expertise of the saddlers, many of whom had spent a lifetime of work in the saddlemaking trade. The Titan II has the popular extra-deep-seated style, with large, shaped and comfortable blocks fitted to the outer flaps to give comfort and feel to the rider’s legs. Beautifully designed and made…a recommended saddle. SADDLESEARCH …for latest saddle prices and availability.

Another top Euroriding product, again traditionally English-made, but having a subtly different feel to the other Euroriding dressage models. Deep-seated, but not as deep as the Titan II, but similar seat as the Diamant with a larger front kneeblock, to hold the rider’s leg perfectly positioned. But the main feature of the ‘Baroque’ model is that the tree is designed to suit the historic and interesting Baroque line of horses…. Andalusians, Friesians, Lipizzaners and Lusitanos, and similar broad bodied breeds. Luxor saddles have a wide gullet and broad panels designed to suit this type of horse … ready to work. Soft padded seat and large padded and shaped kneeblocks. Evolution and Baroque models available.

This excellent product must be the epitomy of the classic ‘English Dressage Saddle’, for it’s classic ‘look’, high quality of materials and manufacture, plus rider comfort. Beautifully hand made in England, by traditional English saddlemakers, using a traditional laminated beechwood saddletree with steel reinforcements. Over several years our saddlers have advised on suitable dressage saddles for many keen riders worldwide, novice and advanced, and the Diamant definitely ‘fits the bill’ in many cases. We cannot fault anything about this saddle, which is distributed by a European Saddlery company who does little to promote their top saddles…but still they sell well. Rider recommendation has a lot to do with this. A Medium deep seat, and Medium size kneeblocks, V-girthing system. Amazingly-low priced, with a wide range of width fittings. A HIGHLY RECOMMENDED SADDLE