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We consider that ‘Bliss of London’ are one of the most important brands of top quality English saddles to be introduced in recent years. All saddles are hand-made by some of the finest English saddlemakers, and combined with ‘cutting edge’ design and functionality. The leathers they use and items of cosmetic decoration are of the highest quality

We have already published a Special Feature feature highlighting some of the ‘Bliss of London’ saddle products, which you can read in our Saddle Features section.


A beautiful saddle, being a mixture of classical and modern design, featuring the ‘Celtic Curve’ to the cut of the skirts and flaps.  Large contoured cupped knee pads. Flocked panel, and a wide range of options to customise the saddle to the rider’s specification.  Bliss of London have the knowledge and experience to design saddles which fit horses and riders of totally differing and irregular profiles effectively.



Presented by Bliss of London as ‘…the definitive one – no question”. The dressage saddle with a clean, classic look and subtle design flair, so as to be a real ‘head turner’ with its large, yet soft, knee block applied to the outer flap.  Unmistakedly a Bliss of London saddle. A great choice of options and cosmetic features available, as with all Bliss saddles.

A most superb monoflap dressage saddle, finished with soft leathers and just asking for a rider to sit in it, and a horse wear it ! As Bliss say, the monoflap (or mono-panel) saddle creates a true harmony between the rider and their mount. The choice of a mouthwatering selection of luxury leathers which are carefully chosen for their attributes for specific use on a horse, plus their beauty, are offered on this model, creating the ultimate dressage saddle.


A beautiful design of great character, featuring again the ‘Celtic Curve’ to the skirts and flaps which is repeated on the other Regency models. An additional block to the rear gives the rider extra security, and the options for leather and cosmetic features are as offered on all the Bliss range of high quality saddles. 


This is another high quality saddle, hand-made by England’s finest saddlemakers.  The Liberty Jump has been designed as a ‘Hunter/Jumper’ saddle, a style of saddle synonymous with the US ‘english riding’ market.. Choice of flat or semi-deep seat with a close-contact panel, and finished with luxurious French Calf leather.


One of the most unique and beautifully-crafted jumping saddles, exuding absolute beauty from a totally pragmatic design concept…no mean task. The numerous options available for this model can mean a truly unique custom saddle is easily possible.  The immense knowledge of the experienced BlissOfLondon team guarantees that all facets of saddle fit for horse, and for rider can be addressed and ,,,, The Paramour Jump is a monoflap, close-contact panel design, with choice of a flat or half-deep seat, and offered in a luxurious French calfskin or Nubuck hide for extra grip.  The jumping blocks are mounted on the flaps and are available in a range of sizes.  This is a ‘serious’ jumping/eventing saddle designed for the ‘serious’ rider.