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Our mission at TheTackGuide is to promote the finest brands of European saddlery products to established and emerging world markets, and highlighting the many great saddlemakers in England… “the home of fine saddlery”.  This page features one such English saddlemaker.

Once in a while a new saddle brand appears on the Equestrian scene and attracts immediate interest by its range of traditional, bespoke, high quality saddles, combined with stunning modern designs…bringing ‘haute couture’ to the expanding Equestrian World.

Walsall in England has always held the reputation of being ‘the home of saddlemaking’, but in recent years it is rare for a substantial new saddlemaking company to appear. Even rarer is the appearance of a true high quality bespoke saddlemaker, one who has a strong ethos of becoming one of the world’s very best, bespoke saddlemakers.

In 2012 the English saddlemaking industry, somewhat outshone in recent years by a small number of globally motivated European companies, was shaken up by the appearance of a beautifully conceived new English saddlemaking company. ‘Bliss of London’ was born, offering a range of super high quality bespoke saddles and allied products, aim Bliss of London Liberty Dressage squarely at the affluent and fast-growing 21stCentury global riding market.

The driving force behind the emergence of ‘Bliss of London’ is the well respected, entreprenurial, and experienced equestrian Nikki Newcombe, whose founding vision has been to place an extremely strong British brand at the forefront in the fast expanding field of Equestrian Sport worldwide. ‘Bliss of London’ offers a highly efficient, modern service, eminently showcased online by a superb web presence and branding, this combined with high-quality Walsall craftsmanship, a team of experienced saddlefitters, plus a brand image that any aspiring young equestrian would wish to be associated with.

The Bliss saddle range is simply presented, with three models for each of the three disciplines of jumping, dressage and eventing, which can be built on a multitude of tree options for differing horse profiles. The broad selection of leathers offered, plus the many functional and decorative options, means that your new saddle can be truly unique. Their three current ranges are called Regency, Liberty and Paramour, each with its own style and character, and all built on high-quality, Lariot traditional saddle trees and wool flocked panels.

The Bliss of London website shows their saddle range in beautiful detail. The fact that Bliss of London’s offices are in Regent Street, London, instantly demonstrates the type and quality of the product they are offering to the world, and the high level of service they are prepared to offer. If their client desires their new ‘Bliss of London’ jumping, dressage or eventing saddle to be customised with ‘Swarovski’ Crystals, exotic leathers or a distinctive colour scheme they can have it, exactly as they desire.

Bliss of London have Dealers and nominated saddle fitters in many countries, such is the depth and the professionalism of the company….. Definitely Bliss of London have introduced ‘haute couture’ to the equestrian world and maybe have now taken away the kudos previously the property of the ‘artisan’ French saddlemakers. In fact, from an aesthetic viewpoint, some of the Bliss saddle designs outshine even the most chic of the European artisan saddlemakers, but they also possess the traditional high quality of the English Saddlemaker.

Riders are now much more discerning and much more diligent about buying the correct fitting equipment for their valuable asset and equine friend. They seem to have learnt, in most cases, the value of good, well fitting tack, and the results this can achieve.. as well as looking good!  So to serious riders worldwide we can strongly recommend you #BuyBritish and buy a ‘Bliss of London’ saddle.