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Albion Saddlemakers operates as one of the largest and most up to date saddle manufacturing plants in the world and is recognised as one of the worlds leading saddle brands. In 2003 Albion was declared one of the UK’s leading exporters and is already the world’s third largest saddle manufacturer with product outlets in over 25 countries.  Famous for the Legend K2 range, the Albion SLK and SLK Ultima, as well as Kontrol SJ and FF, plus Kontact and new Kontact Dual eventing saddles.


The starter saddle in a great range of top quality, world renowned, dressage saddles. This model is the latest version of the very popular K2 Legend dressage saddle, which has been around for several years.  Now it has a narrower twist, and slightly deeper seat, but most importantly offers the versatility of changeable width fittings.

A classic saddle, now world famous, and has almost become the benchmark of modern dressage saddle design.  Beautifully hand-made, with a very comfortable deep seat and large front blocks.  Much loved by riders and saddlefitters, as the saddle fits so many types of horse, with several sizing permutations.

*Now in 2014 this model uses Albion’s new Adjusta-Tree which allows for width variation.

Same basic saddle as the regular SLK, but with flaps and skirts made in the softer, and very hard-wearing ‘Ultima’ leather, with calfskin pads. Versions available in Narrow or Regular seat width. A truly great dressage saddle, based on a traditional English springtree.

The Ultima version of the long established SL model is still in demand. Slightly flatter and more open seat than the SLK models, and only available with the Narrower seat. Long lasting design excellence, beautifully made.

One of Albion’s latest Albion Platinum Ultimamodels, using similar design principles as the long established SLK range, but built on an advanced saddletree which has changeable gullet and width fittings, and also changeable panels. Made in Regular or Narrow seat versions. Non-Ultima version is also available. Innovative design from Albion. Very popular now…

A luxurious version of the Platinum, finished all over in specially treated calfskin, with ornate stitching to the flaps.  This saddle has all the benefits of the Platinum models, and looks ‘a million dollars’ !

New from the ‘Albion Couture House’ a superbly designed dressage saddle suitable for the top professional rider as well as the keen amateur. This model is mainly made to ‘custom’ specification, but we can find limited availability for certain popular sizes, direct from selected Albion Dealers. Email us….


The ever popular All Purpose saddle in the Albion range. Has been around for many years, and is still a much requested model.  Built to Albion’s normal high standards, offering tree sizes to suit a great range of horses, from the high-withered Thoro’bred thro’ to the broader Warmbloods.  Reasonably priced, so great value for money.

A reasonably new addition to the Albion range, this is a GP (All Purpose) saddle made with broadbearing surfaces adding extra comfort for both horse and rider, for long distance riding. Beautifully made in England the traditional way, with a strong wooden laminatedspringtree and covered in with the best leathers, with the option of Ultima leather avaialable.

Aclaimed by Albion to be their Albion K2 Jumpingmost popular jumping saddle, it’s been around for quite a while, and remains immensely popular in world markets where Albion’s name in synonymous with superb design and quality. Nice forward half-deep seat with square cantle, and with front and rear blocks. Available in Ultima leather also. Highly recommended by saddlers and riders.

Another of Albion’s lasting range of top quality, hand made, saddles. The Kontrol is available in 2 versions.. the Flat-Seat version, with more forward flaps for jumping, and the Deep-Seat version with slightly straighter flaps.   They offer various permutations of seat and flap to ‘customer order’. A nice straightforward saddle, traditionally built on a wooden saddlertree, and finished in quality leathers.

Albion’s main eventing saddle, Albion Kontact Litetraditionally built on a wooden saddletree, with single-flap design, and finished in their famous Ultima leather. Designed in conjunction with a leading UK Event Rider to offer light weight, comfort and freedom for the jumping horse. Fully flocked panel for comfort and adjustment.

The same design as the regular Kontact Lite, but given a traditional double saddle flap, rather than the monoflap. Same high quality Ultima leather, and despite being a fairly young model in the Albion range, it is becoming more and more popular.