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TheTackGuide website was conceived and first published in 2001, when a Qualified English Saddler, with much experience in the European Saddlery Trade, realized that un-biased and informed advice was not available online to riders when choosing a suitable high-quality saddle for their horse. Soon after TheTackGuide went online it began to receive an increasing numbers of inquiries and requests for saddle advice, from all over the world. Website visits have increased year after year to the point where we only just manage to reply within 24hrs to all SADDLESEARCH requests, and emails….but we try! Saddle Stores may only be interested in selling saddles of the brands they choose to hold in stock and promote, and their advice may be not always giving the buyer a true overall picture of the complete marketplace. Different brands of saddle can suit different breeds, and different size riders. We are not Dealers, we are independent saddlers and do not promote any particular saddle brand without a good reason.

We have links with most leading European Saddle Stores, and can specifically recommend to buyers the Companies who we know offer the best export service and export price deals, plus the best advice and back-up….we are keen that our recommendations are the best, and stay that way!

‘English Riding’ is continuing to grow in popularity worldwide, and we find that riders are increasingly confident to buy their new saddle from Europe, as all the European Dealers we recommend to buyers we know to be professional, long-established, and have proved they can deal quickly and efficiently with export sales, offering payment systems by secure online server or bank transfer. We know Saddle Dealers who will supply new saddles to most countries of the world, offering very competitive shipping prices…. the USA, Canada, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Russia, South America, Middle East and Europe are now major markets.

Many inquiries come from riders who have been referred to us from their friends…which is always great to hear. We have a Testimonials webpage where you can see some of their comments about our service, and our Dealers.

Riders in different countries have different criteria when buying equipment for their horse, and we know that US buyers, for example, are much more likely to go for a high quality product, so the savings they make when buying a saddle from Europe can be very worthwhile for them, even when including the shipping charges. Also new saddles in many sizes and colours can be more readily available in Europe, whereas overseas Retailers often hold limited inventory and only offer long delivery times for ‘custom’ orders.

We try to list the latest best New Saddle Prices on offer in Europe for the most popular quality brands, and we try to keep up to date with the latest innovations and designs on our Feature webpages. Any Prices shown are only a guide and we may be able to find you an even better deal if you email us Currency conversions vary almost daily, and sometimes these global rates can mean great savings, depending on the fluctuations.